Bohdan Demianenko

Bohdan Demianenko and his music

young Ukrainian composer
I study in the National musical academy of Ukraine the name of P.I.Tchaikovsky (Kyiv) on a theoretical and composer's faculty.
my Basic calling - to compose . The second calling is playing the organ. Third is a music theory.

My creative Credo.
Music must do people though a bit the best, she must bring a human spirit above ordinariness and specify a way to the higher values. The greatest value from all is love for a neighbour. Музыка must be beautiful - because this art, she must be clear - because it is information. Therefore I try to write about high to the outage, by a clear musical language.

I Write works for an orchestra, organ, chamber ensembles, for choir and for separate instruments.

In 2008-2010 in Kyiv took place three my authorial concert. Took part in the festival of liturgical music of the world "Through a century and countries" in autumn in 2008 as an author of "Missa brevis" for choir and organ. My works became the winners of allukrainian and international competitions.

I want to begin more wide popularization of the works This site.

If you are a musician and Your looks to the art though partly coincide with my, write - it will be interesting to associate with like-minded persons.